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Camsing International (2662 HK) suspend all administrative and executive duties and powers of Ms. Lo

Camsing International Holding Limited (2662 HK) made announcement on 29 July, 2019, Camsing International (2662 HK) said, since it becoming aware of the criminal custody of Ms. Lo Ching, Camsing International (2662 HK) has been taking active steps, including, making formal enquiry to the Yangpu Branch of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau* to ascertain the reasons of, or incidents leading to, the Custody. Up to the date of this announcement, the Bureau has not responded to the enquiry by Camsing International (2662 HK). Camsing International (2662 HK) will continue making due enquiries to ascertain the reasons of the Custody and whether such incident has any correlation with the Group.

Given that the Group is still ascertaining whether the Custody has any correlation with the Group; and Ms. Lo has not been able to discharge her duties as an executive Director as a result of the Custody, Camsing International (2662 HK)‘s Board has resolved on 24 July 2019 to suspend all administrative and executive duties and powers of Ms. Lo as the chairman and an executive Director with immediate effect until further notice. Camsing International (2662 HK) considers that the suspension of duties and powers of Ms. Lo is in the best interest of the Company and the Shareholders as a whole.

The stock will remain suspended pending the further release of inside information announcement(s) regarding updates to the Custody, business operations and further actions to be taken by the Company.

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