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Camsing International (2662) issues announcement to update Ms. Lo Ching the latest development

Camsing International Holding Limited (2662 HK) made announcement on 18 July, 2019, on 5 July 2019, Camsing International (2662 HK) received a letter from a law firm purporting that China Base Group Limited had mortgaged 676,864,150 shares in Shanghai Gefei Asset Management Company Limited; and Camsing International (2662 HK) and the Board were to be reminded to deal with the assets of Camsing International (2662 HK) properly to protect the interests of Shanghai Gefei and the shareholders of Camsing International (2662 HK) .

Apart from the Letter, Camsing International (2662 HK) did not receive any other supporting documents from Shanghai Gefei or its legal advisers verifying the existence of the Purported Share Mortgage. Up to the date of this announcement, Camsing International (2662 HK) did not receive any disclosure of interest forms, information and/or supporting documents from Ms. Lo with regard to the Purported Share Mortgage as well. In light of the above, Camsing International (2662 HK) is not in a position – 1 – to ascertain or confirm (i) whether Ms. Lo has pledged any shares in Camsing International (2662 HK) to Shanghai Gefei; (ii) the existence, validity and/or the latest status of the Purported Share Mortgage; or (iii) the accuracy and completeness of the statements made in the Letter.

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